Spencer plant blends

Spencer plant blends

Spencer plant blends

Spencer Sweet Pea varieties are characterised by long stems, ideal for cutting, and large, frilly, fragrant blooms.


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Sweet Pea Candy Cane (plants)

Candy Cane blend features three special Spencer varieties - John Gray, White Frills and Anniversary.

£9.00 / pack(s) *

Sweet Pea Pretty In Pink (plants)

Pretty in Pink blend includes three very pretty Spencer varieties - Queen of Hearts, Mrs Bernard Jones and Lipstick.

£9.00 *

Sweet Pea Jewels (plants)

Jewels blend brings together three deeply sensuous colours in Ruby Anniversary, Windsor and Noel Sutton.

£9.00 *

Sweet Pea Sweet Salmon (plants)

Sweet Salmon blend brings together three soft pastel colours in Charles Unwin, Valerie Harrod and Mollie Rilstone.

£9.00 *
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